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"My Economics results have improved tremendously over the 4 months I attended Mr Anthony Fok's lessons. He is a very amazing teacher. I am proud to have him as my Economics tutor. "
- Jane (JJC) -
"Mr Fok is a very approachable and friendly tutor. I have enjoyed my Econs lessons under him (with lots of sweets and fishballs!) I understand my Econs concepts much better under him. He gives weekly practice for us to practice our skills and constantly apply our Econs knowledge."
- Kuma (NJC) -
"Mr Fok is a dedicated teacher who effectively delivers his lessons by making them more interesting and lively. His passion for teaching is evident in the enthusiasm he displays in all his lessons, even after a long day!"
- Erica (NJC) -
"Mr Fok's jokes in class are hilarious. He knows when to capture our attention. I scored an A for Economics. Thanks to Mr Fok."
- Anna (PJC) -
"Mr Fok is a very dedicated tutor who is always available to answer my queries involving Economics and also provides very good study notes and material."
- Charlotte (NJC) -
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